E-Gag archives

Publisher and editor of the Czech Union of Cartoonists E-gag newsletter is Ivan Hanousek, who in 1991 initiated  rise of this interesting and profesional organization.

The E-gags are unique archive of events in the field of cartoons at home and abroad.

In addition to contemporary news it contains interviews with authors, propositions and results of domestic and foreign competition, examining exhibition catalogs and books about cartoon, interviews with authors, etc.

Their release on the ČUK website allows acces to this rich source of information to authors and fans of cartoons as well as general public.

Individual years will be placed on the ČUK website graduallly, as their readiness allows.

The Czech Union of Cartoonists thanks to Ivan Hanousek for many years of work , due to which is much recorded , that would otherwise no doubt be forgotten.


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